Andre Walker began his dream to dominate the automotive mobile detailing industry after years of working in the mobile delivery business. He remembers seeing a world-class detailer from Miami, who only worked with the best vehicles available and saying, “I want to do that, I can do that, I will do that"; and he did. With that a business was born from a dream, and cultivated by the concept, that anyone can be a detailer, but not everyone can be a businessman. Top Sheld Auto Detailing is the product of years of mentorship, growth, and experience.

We’re honored to service celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, business executives, your next door neighbors and some of the most exotic and extraordinary vehicles known to man.

TOPSHELF sets itself apart by offering:

  • Exceptional Customer Care
  • A team of insured and highly trained technicians that are passionate about cars
  • The use of industry leading equipment and eco-friendly materials
  • Extensive knowledge and experience working with Super Cars and Exotic vehicles

Try us and see why we've become, to countless clients, a necessity to a lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Coral Springs, Florida is where it all began for the TOPSHELF Auto Detailing Team. We’ve provided luxury quality detailing and exceptional customer service, to hundreds of vehicle owners since our inception.

Andre Walker

Founder & CEO

Oversees all of our operations and business activities to ensure our team produces desired results and remains consistent with our overall strategy and mission.

Dwayne Douglas

Vice President

Oversees and develops business and financial strategies. Manages client accounts and assists with growth and development of staff.

Ramsey Petit

Lead Detail Technician 

Focuses on the day to day field activities. Responsible for overseeing and insuring TOPSHELF high standards of quality.

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